At Agile Security, we undertake security contracts across the country and deploy fully trained security guards / officers / managers in single or multiple sites for a diverse range of market sectors and clients.
Taking care of your security requirement is easy now. Time and place does not matter to us. Your security is our Job.
Agile is with more than 18,000 trained personnel serving in various commercial and industrial sector. We provide dedicated multi task security personnel to Manufacturing Industries, Automobile Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Power Plants, Petrochemical Plants, IT Parks, Malls, Ports, Gas and Oil Industries, Corporate Houses, Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts, Domestic and International Events and Stadiums security etc.
As a service provider, Agile will achieve this ambition through its people. Our aim is to have the right people with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.

Recruitment and Training

We really invest on our future Agile ambassadors, they only carry us ahead. By conducting Recruitment Camps in villages and through NGO’s we get most of young boys and girls with rural background. We mould them in the right way and make them fit for the industry. We engage them by detailing their responsibilities at the work place.

“Better equipped to handle security issues”
Agile is having its own sophisticated, spacious and well equipped central training center in Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad. Our training center is affiliated with National Skill Development Council (Govt. of India). All our regional offices are having well equipped training centers. The PSRA prescribed training module is being taught as basic training at these centers. Apart from the government specifications in selection and basic training, we impart trainings on soft skills, handling emergency situations, communications and site-specific trainings to the trainees additionally in their working area as on-the-job-training. Training is a continuous process; we conduct refresher course to our supervisors to update their skills with the growing needs. Further, specialized trainings are also being provided to the staff of our clients on emerging topics. This is done purely as per the client’s requirements. Our secret of success in the business is the continuous training.
With the training as the final process of our recruitment, following are our minimum requirements as per Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA) for security personnel:
●  Must be an Indian citizen, aged between 18-65 years
●  Meet physical standards criteria and must pass health screening
●  Must have a verifiable work record
●  Police verification certificate
●  Must have Aadhar card ( for PF enrollment)
●  Savings Bank Account ( for wage remittance)

Recruitment and Training


Agile speciality in deploying the guards is unique SWOT analysis. The training team on the basis of their final exam marks and interview understanding the individuals Strengths, weakness, opportunities and Threats. Our aim is to have right people with right skills in the right place at the right time.
On successful completion of the training, the fresher will be issued with ID card, with the Id card he can collect his uniforms from our Stores. The training team and Agile Tailoring team would check the uniform fitness. On wearing the uniform The recruitment team would place them in the right place by issuing Deployment order. The operation team would take them to the assigned unit for induction.



Agile is all about going extra miles in supervision. Each assignment is taken ownership of the security operation by our well experienced Field staff, not only the day visits, we conduct night checks as per monthly night check schedule, the observation will be sent to the clients on the next day morning, apart from Day visit and night check, our central control room works 24X7 in Hyderbad, the control officers monitor remotely so closely. Agile supervision does not end here, Senior Management visits, frequent audits and continuous on the Job Training which increases comfort levels to our customers. We will do everything possible to maintain our customers trust in our expertise.



“In this business, by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to save yourself. Unless you're running scared all the time, you're gone”
Our evaluation starts from normal observations being made by our night patrolling team. The concerned DGM/GM has to close the issue by sending corrective action plans to the customer and it will be reviewed by the senior management. Periodical assessment/Audit would help us to update our delivery levels with the business growth of the client. We consider our clients feedback so positively and correct it with the best solutions and such feedbacks makes us to grow in right direction.
Operation excellence:
The Philosophy of the work place where problem solving, team work, leadership result in the ongoing improvement in the service deliver. The process involves focusing on the customer needs keeping the employees positive, empowered and continually in proving the quality of the service delivery.

Agile is law abiding company. Comply with regulatory requirement is definitely taking our reputation to the next level. Thanks to all our clients, they are fully supporting us to achieve this most important part of the business. Our Regulatory compliance sets out the key objectives that will ensure that we remain a good and fair service provider. We submit the proof of statutory payments to our customers to keep them comfortable in what they pay through us.

Statutory compliance

Complying regulatory requirement is definitely enhancing our reputation. Thanks to all our clients, they are fully supporting us to achieve this most important part of the business. Our Regulatory compliance sets out the key objectives that will ensure that we remain a good and fair service provider and employer. We focus on excellent customer service and our employees must feel they are genuinely valued, empowered and can make a difference in their work place.
Honest feedback is a pleasing sense of happiness in the business. We have periodical feedback systems to understand the gap between the delivery and expectations.


Customer feedback plays very vital role in our business and it make us to grow continuously. The customer feedback is nothing but an opinion of our customer about our service. Their opinion is a resource for improving customer delights and adjusting our service deliveries to match with their needs.
We stay much ahead of our competition because we continuously listen to our customer carefully. But it helps us to correct ourselves and grow much ahead of our competitions.


We have periodical systematic reporting system, like Visit report, Night check report, Training report, security observation report by training team and Monthly Security Reports.
All such reports help us to direct our services to reach the goal of the company.


Agile has structural operation team which supervises the guards performance most efficiently in multiple locations. The Field Officers take full responsibility of their assignments allotted to him in their respective clusters. The operation team meets the client more frequently to understand the delivery levels. The operational team will have weekly meetings and they make operation plan for the week.
The Field Officers, Sr. Field Officers, Operational Managers, Branch Managers, Regional Managers and General Managers visit the clients on regular intervals. The visit reports are being signed by the clients during the day visits, night visits and surprise check. Apart from the field officers regular visit, our centralized control room which is supported by the quick response team are also monitoring the security operations during the nights.

Features and Services

We make difference in our service deliveries.